Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like To Take One Of Your Favorite Characters From Pop Culture's Most Beloved Film And TV Franchises, And Replace Them With Mythological Characters Throughout Human History?
We did also. So we made these classic t-shirts and hoodies just for you!!

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Fantastical fun t-shirts and cozy hoodies featuring brilliant mythological creature characters in classic 1980’s and 1990’s settings. A dragon at the helm of a starship, boldly going where no dragon has gone before, and cute little extraterrestrial trying to find their way back home, with a sweet tooth for planet Earth’s candies and colorful sunflower potted plants and so, so much more!!
Select items will hold a clue to an upcoming animated action adventure mystery series. If you are able to answer all of the clues, you will get your name featured in an upcoming episode. Clues will be sent out in the form of a golden ticket, in the spirit of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, and will be sent with select purchases.